Twitter Hashtag Tracking

Social media is at its prime and is not slowing down anytime soon. Twitter is arguably the voice of social media, the platform where the users are. Considering the reach and uses of Twitter, it is a great platform to reach your audience organically.

Especially hashtags are the best tool you can use and exploit to reach a wider range of people. Hashtags are a way to find your right audience in the ever-growing pool of accounts on Twitter . You can even track how your hashtags are performing on Twitter, the audience you are attracting, and how much engagement you are getting.

Some great tools in the market are ideal for Twitter hashtag tracking. Let’s have a closer look at some of them here.

5 Best Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools

1. Taggbox 

It is a UGC platform that is bringing the focus of marketing back to the customers. Taggbox promotes the use of user-generated content in marketing campaigns, humanizing the brands for the target audiences.

It helps brands aggregate content from Twitter and other social media platforms, curate, and embed content. Besides these primary uses of Taggbox, users can also use advanced analytics tools to track the performance of their content.

Taggbox helps creators get information on what would work for them and not from multiple social media platforms, including Twitter. It gives detailed insights into your Twitter social wall’s total posts, total impressions, post type, post location, most active users, sentiment statistics, the most influential contributors, etc. These advanced insights are the most desired features of marketers across industries.

With Taggbox, you can track 2-25 hashtags at a time, depending on the plan you have taken.

2. All Hashtag

All Hashtag is a simple tool that lets you generate, create and analyze hashtags for your Twitter posts. You have to enter a word on the All Hashtag tool, and it will create relevant hashtags for you. Instead of simply copy-pasting hashtags on social media, you can use relevant hashtags that will bring good traffic to your posts. All Hashtag is easy to use.

All Hashtag has four inbuilt tools that will help you choose or create the best hashtags for your Twitter content and measure its impact. These four tools are Hashtag Generator, Hashtag Analytics, Hashtag Creator, and Top Hashtags. All Hashtag minimize the time you have to spend planning for getting the best results with Twitter hashtags.

3. Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder helps analyze hashtags on Twitter and Instagram campaigns by providing historical and real-time data on both platforms.

If you want to research the users who engage with the hashtags and find out about its reach and overall influence, TweetBinder is your go-to tool. It groups similar conversations and allows you to filter the results to gain a better perspective of the current situation.

You can also group similar hashtags and see their collective performance with Tweet Binder. The tool also enables you to export the data in an excel sheet.

With the different plans of Tweet Binder, you can get the feature to check historical data of Twitter hashtags from 30 days to 1 year.

4. Keyhole

Keyhole’s social listening and analytics tool provides in-depth data analysis. The best part is that it converts the analytical data into readable formats and reports that are easy for its users to understand.

Its excellent features track the campaign’s reach and impact in real-time while monitoring the brands in your industry and various demographics. It ensures that you know all about the mentions of your content.

You can also find trending topics through Trending Twitter hashtags and plan your campaign accordingly. You can forecast how your Twitter Hashtag campaign will perform based on current and past analytical data.

5. Tagembed

Tagembed is another tool that enables social media aggregation of content from various platforms, including Twitter. It offers the creation of website widgets that you can embed later. You can aggregate content through Twitter hashtags tracking and then embed it on your website.

Tagembed has many features to help its users to make its widgets more impactful. These features include customization options on multiple fronts, a content moderation panel, insightful analytics, and an active back-support to solve any problem that their users face at any time in the world.

Tagembed’s Twitter hashtag tracking tool will allow you to see the detailed analytics of your Twitter hashtags where you can compare the data and generate reports.

Final Thoughts

Content creation for Twitter has changed its form. It has become necessary to ensure that your content is not just relevant but also visually appealing.

After you check all such boxes just for Twitter content creation, it would be heartbreaking if your hard work doesn’t reach the target audience. Hashtags analytics help your content to reach the right audience. So leverage the tools available in the market to track your Twitter hashtags performance for best results.

It was not possible to imagine that the Tween micro site, which gave users at that time 140 characters to express their thoughts, would become an important destination and destination for marketers to define and promote their business. Since its founding in 2006, Twitter has got its position as one of the 4 largest social media platforms platforms. Its use is no longer a monopoly. Companies are using it to interact with fans and increase brand visibility. On average, the average user follows five companies on Twitter, and thanks to their strong Twitter marketing strategy, many brands are getting more and more creative with each other. The way she interacts with her followers on the most popular micro-blogging platform.

In order to succeed in your Twitter marketing strategy , it is imperative to use tools designed for marketing that not only save time and effort, but also provide better results and help improve and track performance.


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