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While memorizing the seven white keys that make up an octave may seem like a simple task for an adult, for a child who is still learning to read and write, it is not that easy. By giving each piano key the name of an animal, they will soon know which key is which. You can also attach small animal cartoons to the keys to help them remember.


Learning the piano isn’t just about learning the notes and keys. It is also a sensory experience. This is why it is important to give children the freedom to freely explore the equipment on a regular basis.

For younger children, ask them to name their favorite story and then have them come up with an improvised song that tells this story. 

With older kids, you can ask them to make the song only on white or black notes, or even in a specific key like C Major. Other kids will enjoy the free time to experiment.

As a songwriter, I remember spending hours grooving to my grandmother’s piano. Now that I am an adult with my child, I let my son play ‘crap’ on my piano from a very early age.

feel the rhythm

Have you ever noticed how kids don’t like to sit still? Instead of getting frustrated when you can’t beat them, join them! Rhythm games are a great way to get your child moving and help them develop a sense of rhythm. Not only that, did you know that feeling a rhythm, reading a rhythm, and playing a rhythm are all different skills?

Clapping is a remarkably simple way to help your baby with his sense of rhythm. Start by playing a selection of songs from your music collection and have your child clap and clap. If you are a piano player, play some songs on the piano to get your child to clap


Once your child masters this skill, ask her to identify the pronunciation notes. For example, many classical pieces accent beats 1 and 3, while popular music typically uses beats 2 and 4. And don’t forget to throw in a 3/4 time signature to mix things up!

Older kids can try ‘Rhythm Train’ or memory games to challenge them further. Clap or play a short beat and then clap with your child. Once they have successfully imitated your rhythm, keep adding sections to make the beat longer and more complex. It can be a lot of fun developing your baby’s ‘rhythm ear’!


Another important aspect of learning to play the piano is related to pitch. Older and more advanced children will appreciate the scale play and interval recognition. Begin by playing a scale and then stop at a certain note, asking them to identify which note you stopped at using solfege syllables: do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do. They can sing it back to help determine the correct note. Once you’ve mastered this skill, you can name intervals like major seconds and major thirds.Learn Piano in a Flash.

Many children love the visual appeal of flashcards and the same applies to piano learning. Make one piano key per card and write the name of the note on one side. On the other hand, you can create a visual representation of where the key is on the keyboard. If you want to encourage your child to read sheet music including treble or bass clef notes.

Once you’ve done that, it’s as easy as showing them the card and playing the corresponding note on the piano. Soon your child will be running to see how many flashcards they can get! If it’s something they enjoy, give them time to see how much they can get right in thirty seconds.

This can be quite confusing for a young child who is still learning their letters, so it can be helpful to include some spelling fun.

Start by using the piano keys to pronounce a word like ‘DAD’. Ask your child to describe what you just wrote on the piano, then try it out with other words. As they get better at this skill, you can even ask them to close their eyes. Having them guess the keys and the word you type will help them develop their vocal skills as well.

Variety Is Important When Children Learn to Play the Piano

As you can see, you can play a lot of fun games on the piano with your child.

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