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Hello everyone if you are a businessman if you want to make more money with very little capital if you are doing business and also want to make more money by doing some other things or if you are a marketing person if you are a salesperson that believes in sales or even if you are doing some kind of job and want to make more money or if you are searching for extra income works then this article is only for you bank mitra ,Today I will tell you about a great business opportunity. After doing that you can make more money as compared to your existing business so let’s talk about what is it,I am talking about the Micro ATM business. Yes you can do this business to every village of India. It is a spreadable business so you can make more money out of it. Before talking about how to do this business I will tell you what is the micro ATM business and how you will utilize this business to make money.

It is two types of handy ATMs so you can use them easily. What you can do is you have to accept payments through these small ATMs rather than accepting cash. Whenever you use this little device to accept all your payments you will get an extra payment for using it like suppose that you want to accept payment worth Rs. 1000/- so after accepting that payment through this device you will get Rs. 1008/- or Rs. 1010/- isn’t it amazing because you are being paid for just using that little device? Till now what you used to do was if you were using POS machines to accept payments you had to pay charges to the bank but now you will get paid by the bank itself for using this device which means you are getting payments through the banks for just using it,

What micro ATM actually is?

It is a kind of service where you will have to withdraw money from customers if anyone comes to you to withdraw some money you can also do that and you can also hang a small banner out of your shop which should be written that you can withdraw money through debit card or credit card so all those people who used to go kms. And kms. Away to withdraw money they will come to you, unknowingly you are promoting your business too. Suppose that you are withdrawing money from 100 people per day and are earning only Rs. 8/- per person so it means you earn Rs. 800/- on per day basis but if you calculate for 30 days which is equal to a month, so the answer will be Rs. 24,000/- per month but even if you take 50% of it so you will be earning at least Rs. 12,000/- per month which is quite a bounce in itself take a look at how many benefits you are getting in this business you didn’t close your existing business, During your existing business you are using this machine you have replaced POS machine with this micro ATM, you are providing a service to people, sbi bc list you are providing a facility to people so they don’t have to go very far to withdraw money as well as you are promoting your existing business, you have made double income by just doing it, you have made new customers & they have become your repeated customers now you are doing some meaningful business, you have also built trust to customers towards your business,

I have talked about only if you are a businessman. Now what if you are a salesperson if you are in marketing or networking, you can also sell this device to your clients and you will also be able to make passive income out of it, It is such type of income where you will earn one-time income as well as you will make passive income by opening micro ATMs for others,So these were all the benefits you will get after doing this business. Thank you.

The micro ATM machine that comes home to give money! Discover this machine’s full potential.

Banks have to spend more on ATMs. That is why banks and payment companies are now emphasizing on the expansion of micro ATMs. The customer is also very happy with these new age ATMs.Amidst the Corona epidemic, digital transactions are increasing rapidly in the country. There are 2.3 lakh ATMs in rural areas of the country. But now banks are withdrawing cash from customer agents and merchant shops. These are called ‘Micro-ATM points.

Their number has doubled. Let us tell you that all the government and private banks of the country are providing this service nowadays. An agent of the bank is giving you the facilities of depositing cash and withdrawing cash by come home. Micro ATM This machine also has a fingerprint scanner installed. An ID card of a customer is attached to the bank, which is then attached to the debit card of that customer. Aadhar card is most commonly used in ID cards.

What is Micro ATM – In the information given on the website of PNB, it has been told that Micro ATM is a special hand device. No separate internet connection is required for this. Rather it works by connecting to the mobile. It looks just like the swap machines kept in the shops.

Why are the people of the village coming to like this so much?

The people of the village prefer to use the nearest payment or transaction service. Now its use has also increased a lot. People can use this service from any merchant outlet anytime throughout the day. They do not need to visit the bank branch or ATM at a particular time.

Why are banks promoting it now?

Industry experts say that installing an ATM is expensive. While the arrangement of micro ATM points is quite economical. In the next few years, the system of AEPS will work to replace ATMs in rural areas.

ATM arrives at home

In this the ATM card is swapped. After this the password is entered. To withdraw and deposit money from these machines, the PNB account holder just needs to swap the card and enter the PIN number. Bank Mitras will do the work of taking and giving money. (1) Punjab National Bank is providing this facility in its rural branches. Bank friends appointed by PNB now go to the village to withdraw and deposit money of people sitting at home through these machines. PNB has engaged about 500 bank friends in every state for this

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