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We may have heard that there are people who use satellite Internet at both the corporate and individual levels. There are also reports that they have been caught using satellite internet without the permission of telecom. What is satellite internet?

A few months ago, we interviewed Solomon Lassa, author of the book “Amazing Cite” and Fortune, one of the 500 highest-paid companies in the world and one of the world’s highest-paid companies by Fortune Magazine

What is BBC’s ሳ Satellite Internet?

Solomon satellite Internet technology means eyelid up, bebirodibenidi, fiber optics, or other option that we can give the same access to the Internet in any other way.


Most of us know the kind of cable that we use on Land Lines, as we know it; We use it. But with the advent of internet, there is no such thing as the Internet technology we use today. It is a technological breakthrough, especially in the face of inaccessible areas when no other choice is lost.

Satellite also works with satellites in space and allows users to place their dishes in their home office. On the ground are the Network Operating Center and Teleport.

It is a technology that delivers the Internet to the user in these three combinations. This is called the VAST [Very small aperture terminal]. This is how satellite internet works.

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Why use satellite internet with BBC Free Broadband and other options?

Solomon broadband Internet connection, either? Is that impossible to use? That is the first question to be asked. Why does one use satellite internet when one has broadband internet? I now have good broadband internet at home. So I do not need to use satellite internet. Because the first one is expensive and the speed is much lower than the broadband and other types. Therefore, it is not necessary to add materials that need to be installed. Therefore, this depends on the purpose of the user.

Does the BBC have a special interest in information security?

Solomon satellite internet and cyber security is built on the scene. In terms of data protection, it may be independent of the mainframe structure; I think there is a possibility that the control feature may be less.

BBC: Can anyone get up and use satellite internet just because they have the technology?

Solomon This law varies from country sees telecom usage. But when you use something like that, the government of that country should know that.

Because it has to do with national security and many other things. If any of the companies that want to use the Internet are disconnected from the Internet for their purpose.

There are international institutions and large service providers that will incur huge financial and operational losses and want to use this technology from any country. I think there is a possibility that they will continue to negotiate with the governing body of the country.

Just because technology is available does not mean that you have to spend time on the Internet. Must be passed through the appropriate licensing system.


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 Satellite internet:

Definition: Satellite Internet is a high-speed Internet service. Satellite Internet services use telecommunication satellites to provide Internet service to users.

Satellite Internet service covers areas where DBL and cable services are not available. Satellite provides the least amount of network bandwidth compared to DSL or cable . In addition, the long delays in transmitting data between satellite and ground transmissions can lead to high network latency and in some cases lead to poor performance. Due to such delays , network applications such as VPN and online games may not work properly on satellite Internet connections .

The long-term resident satellite internet service only requires a “one-way” installation on a satellite link, requiring a telephone modem to load. All new satellite services support full “two-way” satellite links.
It is not necessary to use WiMax for satellite internet service. WiMax technology provides high-speed Internet service through wireless links, while satellite providers may use their systems differently.

Satellite Internet covered by GH5G:

By Daniel Webster
RadioOtech announces first stable solution for 5G internet
Working from home, Netflix, any 5G target shooter is possible.

Monaco September RadioTech launches 5G launcher today This system is based on 5G / LTE high gain, stable, directional antenna, Wi-Fi router and embedded SIM that can provide up to 1 TB / internet. CELL CHOICE (TM) 5G / LTE cell is an advanced algorithm that selects and monitors the coast. It also manages land networks and provides secure and fast Wi-Fi Internet in the boat

Radiotech has been developing stable satellite antennas since the 90’s, and has developed a cutting-edge understanding of tracking platforms and software, radio frequency and ship networks, contributing to the creation of 5G / LTE solutions. Edoardo Zargeta is a communications consultant at Radiotech. 5G / LTE networks have become more powerful over time, but the performance of satellite communications has been disappointing. Satellite internet speed continues to be slow and expensive.


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